With AIFE, you do all this, without even knowing it!

Screenshot of Google listing for ConnectivGroup
Google listing for ConnectivGroup

The curse of making extremely complex things extremely easy? When things "just work" and look right, it looks like you did nothing at all!

But behind this simple Google listing for an AIFE footprint, lies an enormous amount of complexity.

That's complexity you - the customer - never saw, had to deal with, or paid a cent extra for.

Let's take it from the top;

  1. Secure connections, everywhere. Google loves SSL certificates and encrypted connections. All managed and taken care of by AIFE
  2. Google's quick link menu. AIFE pushes your structure in such a way that Google can easily generate a quick link menu. This grabs attention, makes your footprint look more professional and allows your audience to quickly find the right information. The "Get the Phone App" item emphasises the size of your footprint/brand. The short summaries are all lifted and generated dynamically by the AI from your content.
  3. All Google images are fully automatically generated by the AI. Text and faces are juxtaposed, and styled according to your brand colors and preferences. It sets the tone and introduces your brand's colors, message and content, even before your Google audience has clicked any links.
  4. Besides your website, AIFE tries to push other platforms, services and media experiences high up the rankings (for example your flipbook). AIFE is not "gaming the system" or engaging in black-hat SEO here. These are bonafide new and alternative experiences that use the same content to highlight what you do.

Behind this simple Google listing for an AIFE footprint, lies an enormous amount of complexity.

And that's just what AIFE does for your footprint's Google listing; it's just the tip of the iceberg!

You can be assured AIFE applies best practice SEO, always, all the time on your behalf. And as recommended practices change, AIFE will automatically adapt your content without you having to lift a finger. Never pay for nebulous "SEO services" again!

1stbase Inc.

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